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pressure washing service near you in vancouver
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August, 2022

Should I have both interior and exterior windows cleaned at the same time?

While cleaning the exterior and interior of your windows may seem like a lot of work, it is better to do them simultaneously. This can help you see the full effect of a spotless window. It can also help you see any smears or smudges that may have been missed.

Will steel wool scratch my glass?

Yes, and no! When steel wool is used on standard glass it will not scratch the glass. Steel wool will scratch glass doors or windows panes that have a safety and security coating or plastic film - such as a 3M Safety & Security Window Film. 

Sliding balcony or glass patio doors often have this film to ensure if glass is broken that the particles remain as a sheet rather than individual particles that can severely injure a person. Never use steel wool on sliding balcony or glass patio doors. 

Steel wool is often used to clean windows as steel wool is softer than glass, it will not leave scratches and is easier to use than razor blades. Caution must be warranted though as sand, dirt, and concrete unintentionally collected in the steel wool can scratch your glass.

Do I need to move furniture and objects away from the windows before cleaning?

If objects and furniture are easy to move, you should move them before cleaning your windows. If you have small items on the window sill, it is best to move them out of the way. This makes it easier to clean the entire window and prevents your items from getting broken while cleaning.

Why are some windows always foggy looking no matter how much window cleaning I get done?

Foggy windows can be a common problem in double-paned windows. When the windows are made, the air between the window panes is sealed in. Over time the seal can get weak and break, allowing the air to leak out and the moisture to get in. This gives windows the appearance of looking foggy.

How to remove bird and pigeon poop from balcony?

To be honest, we DETEST having to clean this material from any balcony, patio, or deck surface. Pigeon poop, also sometimes known as Bird Guano, is a durable material once dried is extremely difficult to remove. To remove pigeon poop first use a cleaner such as "Nature’s Miracle Bird Cage Cleaner" that will help to dissolve the poop. Spray on and let stand for a minimum of 5 minutes but 15 minutes is best. Then, simply wipe up. If scrubbing is required use a stiff nylon brush - we commonly use this deck cleaning brush

Is pressure washing too harsh for my deck?

Wood decks can be vulnerable to pressure washing because of the power exerted by a pressure washer. This can lead to splintering, especially if you have an already weak area. Zuke Cleaning Services will only use either one of our proprietary 2 or 3-step cleaning process to ensure damage is not done to your wood deck. 

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What is wood deck restoration?

We, at Zuke Cleaning Services, like to use the term wood restoration for our deck cleaning service as it is not simply a cleaning process. Some companies will say that they can clean your wood deck with pressure washing but the reality is that it cannot be cleaned only with pressure washing. Wood is very porous compared to a more durable surface material such as concrete, or a balcony or patio, on a concrete high-rise. This natural wood fiber absorbs moisture over damp and rainy periods and allows algae, mold, and mildew to grow on and in the wood fibers. To clean this solely with a pressure washer you would require higher pressure and it will likely damage the wood. Zuke Cleaning Services will only use either one of our proprietary 2 or 3-step cleaning process. Our 2-step cleaning process allows us to loosen and soften the dirt, algae, mold, mildew, and provide an exfoliating like effect that will allow us to use light pressure on the wood deck. This eliminates the potential to damage the wood deck material. Our 3-step wood deck cleaning service adds in a wood renewal process whereby we can use a product that not only brightens the wood but also brings the natural fibers and vibrant color variations alive!

Are chemicals used to pressure wash?

Chemicals can be used when pressuring washing. Different areas and different surfaces require certain chemicals. So it is essential to know what you are washing and what chemicals are okay to use. What works in one place may not work elsewhere and may harm your surface. Here is a great pressure washing chemical guide and selection.

Can I bleach my balcony to keep it clean?

Cleaning your patio with bleach can be a easier than just using soap and water. Bleach can get into all the cracks and help improve the appearance of your balcony. It can also help you eliminate any moss, mildew, and weeds you may have. Cleaning a balcony with bleach is easy but can be dangerous, so wear gloves and eye protection and wear disposable clothing in case of a splash or spill occurs. Often times though, bleach alone will not be sufficient.

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pressure washing service near you in vancouver
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