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Why Getting Rid Of Algae, Mold, and Mildew Will Protect Your Home and Property

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August, 2022

3 Reasons Why Getting Rid of Algae, Mould (Mold), and Mildew Helps Protect Your Home

Zuke Cleaning Services offers residential and commercial pressure washing, exterior and interior window washing, balcony, wood deck cleaning, and house washing/softwashing in Vancouver and surrounding areas. We take pride in our work and will not be satisfied until our customers are satisfied. We have years of experience and are looking forward to working for you and getting your home or office squeaky clean.

Algae, Mould (mold), and Mildew

Maybe you have noticed some green algae or black/purple mouldy growth spreading across your exterior house siding, wood deck, or stairs, or in the pavers or bricks {mould (mold) loves bricks!} on your walkway or driveway. Mould (mold) thrives in damp areas and wherever moisture collects. The problem comes in when the algae and mould (mold) settles in and around your home; it can grow on nearly any surface. This can include cedar wood, vinyl, hardieplank, painted areas, sheetrock, and everywhere else in between. When you add moisture and warm conditions, mould (mold) often pops up on common areas outdoors like your patio, balcony, deck furniture, and even your cushions. Yuck! The good thing is Zuke Cleaning Services can help with your algae, mould (mold), and mildew issues.

Why Algae, Mould, and Mildew Should be Removed

Algae, Mould (mold), and Mildew on the outside of your home may not seem like a big issue to you at first; you may think it is not black mould (mold) (health hazard), so what's the big deal. Unfortunately, as we mentioned, mould (mold) growing on the outside of your home spreads fast to just about any surface. It also poses a threat to your property curb appeal, your home value, and structural safety when considering decking and steps.

At Zuke Cleaning Services, we have seen first hand the effect algae, mould (mold), and mildew can have on a home or office exterior. Learn more about why you should remove mould (mold) and mildew and how a house or structural soft wash could help.

1) Outside Mould (Mold) Won’t Stay Outside

Just because you only see mould (mold) on the outer surface of your home means nothing. Mould (mold) can eat through most materials, penetrating vinyl siding, wooden shingles, even brick, and mortar. Most surfaces can't escape mould (mold), and mildew and the damage they can cause. So it is vital to remember mould (mold), is not just a cosmetic nuisance. Instead, think of it as something that can damage the structure of your home...don't let these biological critters eat away at your home asset.

2) Health and Safety Threats

Just because the mould (mold) and mildew are outside does not mean they won't pose a health threat. If mould (mold) is outside your home and you open your windows on a breezy day, you risk mould (mold) spores being carried in the house and your HVAC system. If you want to enjoy a lovely day outside on the patio, you are surrounding yourself and even your kids with toxic spores. This can cause you and your family respiratory infections and other illnesses.

Additionally, have you ever walked on an algae laden wood deck or stairs - it's like watching "Bambi on ice". It is uncontrollably slippery and dangerous. A simple cleaning by our professionals can eliminate any unnecessary accidents that could leave you, your love ones, or patrons to your business with lifelong injuries.

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3) Lower Property Value

Algae, Mould (mold), and mildew is a huge red flag for potential home buyers; not only is it unsightly to look at, but it also could tell the buyer your home is susceptible to damage because it has been poorly maintained. Curb appeal is enormous for buyers, and algae, mould (mold), and mildew can scare them away before they even step inside.

Zuke Can Help

Luckily Zuke Cleaning Services can help you with your algae, mould (mold), and mildew problems. We offer soft washing services that can remove the damaging debris from your home's exterior and leave you with a clean house. Soft washing is gentle on your exterior while being tough on mould (mold) and mildew. This can also extend the time between the next new growth to return.

Additionally, we offer deck, stairs, and sidewalk cleaning with proper pressure washing techniques; sometimes using cleaning agents.

Contact Us Today

If you are in Vancouver or the surrounding areas and notice green algae, or black/purple mould (mold), and mildew on your home, building exterior, or walkways and patios, contact us at Zuke Cleaning Services. We can get the mould (mold) off and keep it off.

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pressure washing service near you in vancouver
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